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Disney Dream Cruise Ship Concierge Level

Disney Dream Cruise Ship Concierge Level

Concierge Level aboard the Disney Dream Cruise Ship

If you’re planning to sail on a Disney Cruise you’ll notice when booking that one of the options are Concierge Staterooms and Suites. We have now sailed twice at Concierge level so we thought we would share the benefits of sailing Concierge and what exactly you get for paying a little extra.

Before You Cruise

Disney Concierge services are available to help you plan your cruise starting 120 days prior to your sailing date. This gives Concierge guests first access to all bookings including shore excursions, spa appointments and restaurant reservations. If you’re sailing on a cruise visiting Disney’s Castaway Cay you can also book the highly sought after and hard to get cabanas.

These Concierge services are accessed through a dedicated toll-free number for U.S. residents which is available from 8.30am to 5.30pm every day of the week. For Non-U.S. residents like us, there is a specific email address you use to can contact the Concierge team.

Disney will also post official documents and luggage tags about six weeks prior to cruise departure.

Boarding Day

Unlike other passengers who will be allocated a port arrival time, Concierge guests have priority boarding. With a separate check-in area at the port terminal, there is not much wait time until you are ready to board. On our last Disney Dream Cruise we were the very first family to board which the kids were extremely excited about!

Usually boarding commences around 11.30am and you are whisked up to the Concierge Lounge (located on level 12 on the Disney dream). Here you meet & greet with the lounge staff who will be looking after all your requests during your cruise.

Concierge Lounge

Open from 7.00am to 10.00pm the lounge provides complimentary food and beverages throughout the day.  Staff members are always around to help with any questions about the ship or if you need any reservations made.

Continental breakfast is served from 7.00am to 10.30am and then snacks are available throughout the day. There is bottled water and soft drinks which you can also take back to your room if preferred. Everyone loves the lounge coffee machine which was very popular.

There is a nightly Concierge Cocktail evening reception which provides canapés, desserts and complimentary alcoholic beverages from 5.00pm to 10.00pm.

Concierge Lounge Private Sun Deck

Located on Deck 13 just upstairs from the lounge is a private sun deck for Concierge guests to enjoy. This is a great private area if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cruise. It even has its own relaxing hot tub.

No need to bring sunscreen – its all supplied on the deck along with towels, Evian water spray bottles and even sunglass lens cleaners.

Even the bathrooms  are pretty fancy!

On the second afternoon of the cruise there is a Concierge Afternoon Soiree from 4.00pm to 5.00pm which is a gathering to mingle with your fellow Concierge guests. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served during this hour.

On another afternoon there is a private meet and greet with a Disney character on the deck. On our first cruise it was Goofy and on our second cruise we got to meet Minnie Mouse.

Rooms & Suites

Concierge level rooms are only located on decks 11 and 12 of the Disney Dream Cruise Ship. Room types available are:

Other On-Board Benefits

  • Limited Edition Lithographic Print delivered to your room at the end of the cruise as a gift from the Concierge team.
  • In-room treats and surprises.
  • Complimentary bags of popcorn to take to the theatres.
  • Complimentary internet package of 100 megabytes per stateroom.


While it does cost more we have to say that we love sailing Concierge level. Having that little extra service available can sometimes be priceless as we discovered on our last cruise.

Our last cruise was just in front of Hurricane Irma and got cut short by one day. Once it was announced that we would be disembarking a day earlier, the Concierge staff were just unbelievable. Guests were able to call hotels, airlines, transport companies or anyone else people needed to contact. Extra laptops and phone lines were set up in the lounge for guests to make alternative arrangements to leave Orlando once disembarked.

We realised how valuable this was when we walked past guest services not long after the announcement and the queues were so long that they would have been waiting for hours.

We can’t wait to sail again on another Disney Cruise – next time we will be on the Disney Wonder for the first time.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship Stateroom

Disney Dream Cruise Ship Stateroom

Disney Dream Cruise Ship Stateroom

Concierge Family Oceanview Room with Verandah

When planning a cruise it can sometimes be difficult to know just which room to choose so we wanted to show you what our Disney Dream Cruise Ship Stateroom was like. We chose a Concierge Family Oceanview room with Verandah which is 306 sq.ft in size. These rooms are only located on decks 11 and 12 of the Disney Dream.

Not only are the concierge rooms slightly larger than a standard stateroom, you also have exclusive access to the concierge lounge and its dedicated staff (will go more in depth on the concierge services provided in our next post).

A Concierge Family Oceanview can sleep up to 5 people. Bedding included is one queen bed, a double sleeper sofa and a single pull down bunk bed.

There are two separate bathrooms in the stateroom. One main bathroom which has a shower and round tub as well as a sink and vanity unit. The bathroom amenities are from the Elemis spa range.

The other bathroom has a toilet with its own sink and vanity unit.


On arrival to your stateroom you’ll find a welcome amenity which on our last cruise was a fruit basket. As repeat Disney cruisers we were given a Disney backpack which was left on our bed as a welcome gift.

You will also find welcome aboard information which includes an itinerary for your cruise party. There is a daily voyage navigator which you get each night in your stateroom.

In every stateroom on board the Disney Dream you will find wave phones which are very handy. These are rechargeable phones and there are two per stateroom. Parents can take them around the ship in case they need to be contacted by one of the kids clubs. If you trust your kids enough to carry one (there is a $250 charge if one is lost or damaged) then they can contact you on the wave phone at any time. We decided to carry one with us and leave one in the stateroom. If the kids wanted to find out where we were, they just needed to go to our stateroom and call us.

Concierge staterooms also come with a mini refrigerator stocked with soft drinks and bottled water (complimentary). You can then grab soft drink cans and bottled water from the concierge lounge at any time to re-stock the refrigerator.

It was always nice to come back to the stateroom to find little treats or gifts from the concierge staff. Especially on the last night when each family receives a limited edition lithograph which comes complete with certificate of authenticity.

Towel Art

We loved the towel art that we found every night in our Disney Dream Cruise Ship Stateroom. Each night was a different animal and came with chocolates for each guest in the room.


We have had two different verandah types on our Disney Dream cruises – one standard size in stateroom 12528 as well as an oversized verandah in stateroom 11004.

Personally we love having a verandah when cruising and would find it pretty difficult to go on a cruise without one. If a stateroom with verandah is in your family budget, we would highly recommend it.

You can see our YouTube video of our Disney Dream Cruise Ship Stateroom here.