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Emirates Flight EK405 A380 Business Class Bar

Emirates Business Class Flight EK405 Trip Report

Emirates Business Class EK405  – Trip Report from Melbourne to Singapore

Emirates Flight EK405 from Melbourne to Singapore was a great opportunity for us to cash in some Qantas Frequent Flyer points and enjoy a bit of luxury travel flying Business Class on an Airbus A380.

The Emirates Business Class experience begins with a chauffeured car pick-up service which takes out the hassle of tackling city traffic before a long flight. On arrival at the airport there is a dedicated Emirates Business Class check-in counter so there is little waiting in a queue. Upon check-in you are handed boarding passes, express passes for customs and passes to the Emirates Business Lounge (read full review here). This lounge is definitely worth a visit before the flight to grab a bite to eat and have a nice relaxing drink.

On Board Emirates EK405 – Airbus A380

Business Class in the Airbus A380 is located on the upper deck and has a 1-2-1 layout. The seats are fully lay flat and you will find plenty of storage space for smaller bags, travel wallets, phones etc. next to your seat. The ice entertainment system which comes with i-pad controls has plenty of movies, tv shows, games and music to keep you entertained – although there was not a lot of new release movies like some airlines have.

Once settled in our seats we were quickly served some champagne and provided with our mens and ladies amenity kits. Each seat has its own little mini-bar containing bottled water, juice and soft drinks (not chilled though). Not long after take off, drinks with mixed nuts were served.

Emirates always seem to have fantastic food on all their flights and EK405 was no exception.

You can see the the full menu choices below.

After dinner you can either sit back and relax to enjoy the ice entertainment system or head down the back to the bar on board.

Bar on Board

Our favourite aspect of flying Business aboard the Emirates A380 planes is the bar on board located at the back of Business Class seats. After we had finished eating we ventured down the back to take up a couch and enjoy a few after dinner cocktails.

The friendly flight crew behind the bar are always happy to have a chat and take photos some of you. It’s really interesting to hear some of the stories they have to tell about life as a flight attendant. If you’re still hungry there’s also plenty of bar snacks to nibble on as well.


We find the Emirates flight EK405 is a great way to redeem our Qantas Frequent Flyer points as we tend to use Singapore as our travel hub. Even though this flight goes onto Dubai, if you do disembark at Singapore you have access to the chauffeured car service. Unfortunately for us we were staying at the Crowne Plaza airport hotel before heading to the Maldives so we didn’t get to take advantage of this extra perk!

Emirates Business Class Seats on a 777-300ER

Emirates Business Class

Flying Emirates Business Class With Kids

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER from Melbourne to Singapore

We recently redeemed some Qantas Frequent Flyer points to have our first ever flights aboard Emirates Airlines. Our two boys are now experienced flyers and are at the ages where they’re very well behaved on long flights so we decided to take them Business Class. Some people may frown upon having kids in Business Class, but we always make sure that our boys are immaculately behaved.  Plus it’s nice for the kids to indulge and to get spoilt once in a while as well.

Our flight with the kids was aboard an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER from Melbourne to Singapore. As our flight was en-route to Dubai, we were still entitled to the benefit of getting one of the Emirates Chauffeured pick-ups (this is one of the perks of flying with Emirates to Dubai in Business and First Class). Once at the airport, we enjoyed a couple of hours in the Emirates Lounge (read review here). The lounge had enough meal and drink options to keep both our kids very happy and they loved the views across the airport so they could do some plane-watching.

Once we boarded our plane, the kids started getting very excited. The huge, comfy seats and Emirates Ice entertainment system complete with wireless control pads were going to keep them occupied for quite a while. Once we were settled in our seats the crew came around with Champagne for the adults and juices for the kids. We were then all provided with the Emirates Business Amenity Kits (kids received these also).

Once we were up in the air, the crew came around to take food and drink orders for the flight. We had already pre-ordered the kids meals through the manage your booking options on the Emirates website a few days beforehand, so they were already taken care of. Before the meal service begins you can have a choice of drink from the extensive bar menu as well as a serve of mixed nuts.  For the adults, the starter consisted of an Arabic-Stye Tomato Soup.

The kids meals consisted of a penne pasta with ice cream for dessert. They were very happy with their meals and said it was the most amazing pasta ever! Our choice for main was also quite delicious, the Lamb Cutlets with green pea mash and grilled vegetables.

For dessert the adults had the chocolate and caramel dome then it was time to turn the seats into lay flat beds and enjoy a quick sleep before arriving in Singapore. Another bonus of flying Business Class is that you get off the plane first and to the customs area before the rest of the economy passengers. With Emirates Business on the Dubai flights you also get the Chauffeured Limousine service when you arrive at your destination and even though we didn’t travel onto Dubai, we did still get use of this service.

Flying Emirates Business Class Without Kids

Emirates Airbus A380 from Melbourne to Auckland

Travelling on an Emirates A380 in Business Class had been on our bucket list for a few years now, but with no plans to travel to Dubai in the near future we thought it would be a while until we got to achieve it. That was until we discovered that the Emirates Dubai to Auckland A380 flight has a stopover in Melbourne. We used some Qantas points for a weekend trip over to Auckland, leaving the kids at home this time.

The Business seats on the A380 are upstairs on the top deck and we both had window seats for this flight (window seats are singles). The seats come with their own little mini bar with water, juice and soft drinks as well as noise cancelling headphones, a pillow, blanket, socks and eyeshades.

This was an early morning flight so only breakfast was served although after take off the amazing A380 Bar was set up at the back of the top deck which has various snacks like muffins, danishes, fruit kebabs, nuts, pretzels, olives and dried fruits which you can help yourself to. Breakfast of choice for us was the Omelette which came with tomatoes, baked beans, sausages and potato. Accompanying the hot dish was a croissant, some fruit and a mango yoghurt.

Once breakfast was over and done with, we headed straight to the A380 bar. This is a great little area where you can socialise with other passengers as well as the crew. The crew on our flight were fantastic and as it was pretty quiet on the business deck, we even got the chance to experience what crew life is like behind the bar.

As the flight from Melbourne to Auckland is a short haul trip, you do not receive the Emirates Amenity kits. In the toilets however you can find dental kits, combs, shaving kits, cotton buds freshener sprays and other amenities to freshen up with. Also on this flight you are not eligible for the Chauffeured transport service as you are not en-route to Dubai.

The Emirates Business Class A380 experience definitely lived up to all our expectations, we only wish it had been a longer flight! Now we have added flying in First Class on an Emirates A380 to our bucket list, so it is back to saving up all our Frequent Flyer points again.

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